Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Green Barn Nursery

I heard about the Green Barn Nursery in March for the fist time but it wasn't until September that I actually had a chance to go for a visit. This is a nursery like no other because they are not tree resellers, they are tree "breeders". It was a fascinating tour!

The owner is Ken Taylor and what he does is imports exotic fruit trees from around the world and then tries them out in our climate(in Montreal). He tests several varieties with a specific end goal in mind: hardy fruit producing trees that require NO maintenance. That's right, no spraying for fungus, bugs or weeds necessary with these plants. No pruning either in many cases. He jokes that his trees have to learn to survive otherwise they are not fit to be kept.

Well let me tell you, the end product is amazing! So here is a short list of plants I will be buying from him in the spring: kiwi, Asian pears and peaches. All hardy for this climate! How's that for shocking?!?

Check out his catalog for yourself. You might find something that will make it worth a trip to Montreal



  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you. We are in Ottawa and I have been wanting a lemon tree for ages but couldn't figure out where to get one.

    My husband thinks I have completely lost my mind as I was doing a happy dance around the kitchen, shouting lemon trees! :D

  2. So do you think he got the hint for your Xmas gift? ; )

    When I was at the Green Barn Nursery with the tour group in September, a couple people bought trees that already had lemons in them! That was just too cool!

  3. Gen, if he didn't after the happy dance, its possible he had when he came in and asked if I had been shouting about olive trees. Otherwise telling him to pick a tree for his prezzie might have done it! :D

    Lemons in the trees already. Oh my. Now I really need to figure out how soon I can get there!

  4. I remember hearing about them too. They have an interesting selection. Happy holidays.