Saturday, April 11, 2009

Natural pools !?!

Okay, it must be the season because this issue of La maison du 21e siècle as well as last week's broadcast of La vie en vert both featured a topic I had NEVER HEARD OF! An ecological swimming pool!

So this is my understanding of how this works. You build a small artificial lake and install a rubber lining. Instead of having a mechanically filter, you have a filtering pool next to the swimming pool. Water is pumped from the swimming area to the filtering area. The entire area of the filtering pool is landscaped with filtering plants. This type of pool uses either very little or no chemicals at all depending on the relative sizes of the swimming and filtering pools.

Oh, and here is the kicker! This looks really expensive doesn't it? Weel, it costs about the same as a traditionnal swimming pool. But once it is built, your yard is landscaped! If I understand this correctly (I really have to do more research on this), these pools can be any shape you want as well. Have you noticed that the picture above has a deck going into the pool. It looks just like the side of a lake! : )

Now the best part is that while looking up a comment sent to my blog, I found a company in Ottawa who builds these! The Pond Cinic calls them recreational ponds. All the pictures in this particular post were taken from their website. I hope they don't mind. I figured they wouldn't be upset with me for marketting one of their products a bit. : )

Well, we want a pool at our new house. This is definitely a possibility!

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  1. That seems to be a great idea...I would assume this type of pool, beyond having almost no chemical and filter cost would be pretty low maintenance. Bonus, you will attract pond life and not have to vacation at the lake!

    You are really coming across some good ideas...I think we will have to start making a list of features we will consider in our dream "green igloo".