Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Planning a natural childbirth

Preparing for childbirth is a really big part of my life right now since I am six months pregnant so I figured, why not talk about it in my blog.

But first, let me give you a bit of background.

When I was first pregnant, I was still pretty mainstream. : ) I figured, you get pregnant, you see and obstetrician. Then, when the time comes, you go to the hospital and have the baby with an epidural. That's what I did and apparently I'm one of these people who do not react well to epidurals. Not a good thing to find out in the heat of the moment!

By the time I got pregnant the second time, I had heard of midwives so that is the care I got during that pregnancy. What a difference! Even during the monthly visits the care is completely different. An OB visit is basically a weight measure, a belly measure, a heart rate check and a quick: "do you have any questions? No? Alright see you next month." This all lasts 10 minutes at most. Midwives on the other hand actually talk to you and give you information about pregnancy and birth issues even before you ask for them. They also take some of the measures the OB does. An appointment can last 30-60 minutes. Talk about feeling better prepared for a birth!

The other thing I decided to try was water labor. I found an Ottawa doula that rented out aquadoulas and I got one. It was great! The water is actually deep enough to take all of gravity away! I highly recommend this for labor! (It's probably great for birth as well but I was out by the time I gave birth so can't talk from experience.)

This small pool is called an Aquadoula

The next thing I decided to try was hypnosis during birth. I had heard about this when I was a teenager and it had stuck in the back of my mind. I found an Ottawa doula who did Hypnobirthing and did the prenatal course with her. We also hired her to be at the birth for support. This also helped tremendously with pain management.

I'd say that between water and hypnosis, my labor cramps went to the intensity of menstrual cramps. Not bad at all if you ask me!
The last thing I did differently was to give birth at home. This too I must say helped to make this second birth much nicer and easier. I loved being able to get up and shower in my own shower an hour after giving birth!

So now I am pregnant again. What do you think I'll be doing?

Water and Hypnobirthing at home for sure!

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