Saturday, May 16, 2009

We have our architects!

So how did we go about finding them?

Well, we started off by getting recommendations from people in the "green building" world. We then did telephone interviews and finally met with 2 firms. We then asked to get proposals from both firms. We had lots of questions so there was quite a long series of back and forth emailing and phone calls. But now, a couple months later, we have finally made up our minds as to who we are going to work with. Yey!

The firm is called "Live Architecture" (pronounced like give not hive). They need to work on their web-site but at least you have their email if you want to contact them. : )

They are a husband (Laszlo Mohacsi) and wife (Teresa Hanna) team and they are totally devoted to "green" building. We have now had a few meetings with them and we always come back totally reved-up and excited about our project. I think working with them is going to be a blast.

Last week we had our first site visit with them and we also went to the "Passive House" presentation together. It was really nice to have an educational/social evening with people we are going to be working so closely together with.

Next step: meeting with Malcolm, Teresa and Laszlo.

Then I think we need to find a contractor pretty early on so he can be part of the team as well.

Also, I think I have also found a landscaper who could help us out but I have yet to meet him in person. We have to wait for his spring planting rush to be over.

So now what do we do? We collect pictures we like of everything that can be found in a house, and of the outside as well.

Still lots of research to do!

Green building, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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  1. It's starting to get exciting now. I hope everything keeps coming together. Looking at all those pictures and examples sure helps in the excitement too.