Saturday, March 21, 2009

Edible landscaping

We are at a bit of a stand still with the architect proposals so I have started a different line of research. I want the landscaping of our new house to be completely edible.

Maybe I could landscape the place myself but there is so much involved in the whole house construction thing that I've decided to get a landscaper to at least draw up plans for me. I think I can then implement them myself over time.

I've been asking around about edible landscaping for a few months now and have found that very few people have this kind of expertise. I did find a local small business specialised in urban/suburban edible landscaping and the owner has been great at helping me out with my research. Check out her Blog called The Veggie Patch Re-imagined.

Among other things, she pointed me in the direction of the Eco Farm Day organised by the Ottawa chapter of Canadian Organic Growers. I had seen the add a few months earlier but had decided not to go. We ended up going together and not only did we have a blast, I got leads for my large-scale edible landscaping project.

Lead 1: Eliot Coleman- Greenhouse gardening all year round with no heating!
Lead 2: Ken Taylor - Permaculture and hardy fruit plants
Lead 3: Brad Peterson - Permaculture Farm design

I'll let you know specifics as I find out more myself.


  1. Edible landscaping seems to be a great idea. I have the book by Eliot Coleman and it has some great ideas for producing a long season harvest in colder zones.

    This year I am filling in some of our empty spots with plants from the vegetable garden...some are actually quite ornamental. Slowly, the grass lawn is disappearing as new beds are added. The big step will be starting to take over our front yard.

  2. J'aime beaucoup lire tes blogues! Tu m'en apprends tellement! C'est vraiment intéressant!

  3. The landscaping at my current suburban house is mostly edible so this is not a new idea for me but the magnitude of this new project is a bit overwhelming!

    I love being able to step outsite pretty much any time during the summer and being able to grab something to eat. : ) Now I want to expand on that idea!