Sunday, March 15, 2009

Going rural

After reading the book Farewell my Subaru my husband and I decided to buy some land. We agreed that it had to be as near to Ottawa as possible. We looked on MLS and we contacted a real estate agent we knew in the area we were interested in.

We thought we would look at 5 acre lots. I wanted some forest and my husband wanted something with a small hill. The first 4 properties we looked at were 5 acres but did not really get our hearts racing. The last property we looked at was an inexpensive 100 acre lot we had seen on MLS but could not find on our own. We saw it, we fell in love, we bought it. 100 acres!

So what was so special about this land? It had a 60 acre forest, a 40 acre hilly field and it was cut in half by a small river!!!

Now in case you haven't read the "about me" section of my blog, I will just mention that we presently live on a lot that is 40 feet by 90 feet in Ottawa suburbia. That is nowhere near even 1 acre! Yes, I am anticipating culture shock!

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  1. Hi Gen,

    I'm glad to see you working on builting a better life for your selves. I live on a 3 acre lot in Val-des-Monts and I am planning on planning lot of trees from The Green Barn Nursery this spring.