Wednesday, March 18, 2009

La vie en vert

Okay, so I decided to write my blog in English and then one of the first things I talk about is a French tv show. I think it's because I know it is playing right now so it's in the back of my mind. As soon as my kids go to bed tonight, I'll be watching my show.

La vie en vert is BRILLIANT! It is actually the only tv show I watch on a regular basis. Right now, it plays on Wednesday nights at 7pm on Télé Québec. You can also go to the web site and watch any of their past episodes right from there. If you understand French and are interested in sustainable living, I highly recommend this show.

I love the setting of the show which is very urban-industrial, right in the old port of Montreal. They have discussions and info segments in old rundown, rusty buildings and beside big silos. It's an obvious ideological contrast with what they are discussing.

Every week, they have a couple "green" information segments, a couple eco-tips and sometimes they have eco-challenges. One that I particularly liked was when they asked a sub-urban family to try out vermi-composting, which is indoor composting with worms. The mother of the family was not impressed at all. : ) Other challenges I have seen include asking a professional make-up artist to try eco make-up, professional painters to try eco paints and families to try eco detergents for dishes and laundry. I've actually changed brands because of these challenges. (And I've been satisfied)

I've checked out a few English shows that have the same general theme, but have found them pretty lame. La vie en vert on the other had is high quality, informative and even thought provoking. I hope you'll like it as much as I do!


  1. Hi, I came across your blog from a comment in another....I like the idea of what you are doing. We are switching things in our house to sustainable alternatives. Someday it might be nice to get an acreage and have a sustainable house. Your new property sounds great...forest, hills, and a river!

    I look forward to seeing the information you bring to light here.

  2. We are quite happy with our new property! I wanted to put pictures of the property in my post but our main computer just went up in smoke!

    I hope the hard drive survided otherwise we will have to wait a bit longer for picture!