Friday, March 13, 2009

A life changing book

Has this ever happened to you? You read a book and all of a sudden, nothing seems the same?

It happened to me and my husband last summer. I bet you're curious right? What book could possibly have such a profound impact on two people? Drum roll please! The book title is: Farewell my Subaru.

It's written by this guy who decided to move from New York city to New Mexico and start a carbon-free life. He gets chickens and then encounters coyotes. He gets goats, the kind that give the creamiest milk because he wants to make ice cream, and then encounters their personalities. He gets a cistern and has a solar water pump installed but neglects to turn it of before it starts to overflow. He then discovers that every snake in the region has come for a bath in the new pond he has created, and then he CAN'T turn off the water pump. Oh and of course, he gets rid of his small Subaru and buys a big diesel truck which he has modified to run on used vegetable oil.

It is a laugh-out-loud book that changed my life because that's when we went out looking for land and bought some! 100 acres to be exact.

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